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Big Business Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems

There are many common misconceptions when it comes to vehicle tracking systems. Mainly around them existing purely to aid in the recovery of a stolen asset or to keep tabs on the workforce. Have you ever really thought about all of the huge other benefits a tracking system could bring to your business? In this blog we are going to highlight just a few of the really juicy ones!

Vastly improved customer service – Make life easy for your customer service teams and provide them with beautifully accurate information which they can pass on to any enquiring customer and give your business the edge over your competitors! If you deliver a product or service which often sees your customers picking up the phone to ask about delivery or pick up times, they are going to be much more impressed with a response such as ‘Your driver John is 12 miles away with another x2 drops before you, I estimate he will be at your door in 30 mins’ rather than ‘John has a lot of stops today so I don’t anticipate he will be delivering your order until sometime in the afternoon’.

No need to contact the driver – use of a mobile phone whilst driving is usually never a good idea and should be avoided in order to ensure maximum concentration and safer roads for everyone. Historically though a call to head office to enquire about the time of delivery or pick up would have then led to contacting the driver in order to obtain the information. With a vehicle tracking system the need to do this is vastly reduced if not eradicated completely! Your Head Office team can update the customer quickly, efficiently and without bothering your staff on the road so that they can drive safely in peace.

Safer for staff – Aside from the obvious not wanting to distract your driving staff whilst they should be concentrating on the road there is the very real concern that these individuals are often travelling alone and during all times of the year - sometimes in very poor weather conditions! A vehicle tracking system can offer peace of mind to you as an employer and also your staff that if they do run into any difficulty their location can be identified and that help will be able to reach them quickly.

Less paperwork and lower insurance premiums – with a vehicle tracking system you can generate detailed reports which cover many different variables which in the past would have needed to be logged manually. You can view and analyse everything such as speeds, long stops and total travel hours per day / week / month or year! All of this information is available at the touch of a button and so greatly improves your businesses productivity and profitability too! Lower insurance premiums are another really good reason why you should be looking into a vehicle tracking system for your business – the savings can sometimes be very significant!

So what are you waiting for?

Redline Technology stock vehicle tracking systems from various different manufacturers such as Quartix, Smartrack and Tracker. This means that we have lots of different options to explore and can work to find solutions to all sorts of different requirements and budgets. Redline Technology are based in Herefordshire but offer our services to customers located all across the West Midlands and Wales. Whether you’re in Ross on Wye, Monmouth, Worcester, Gloucester or Abergavenny or friendly staff are available to help. Call in to our showroom on Commercial road or call 01432 341342