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GPS Vehicle tracking, Van lock upgrades, Front and Rear Camers, Reversing alarms, Bluetooth Phone Kits, and much more...

Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking

Quartix vehicle Tracking System

Real time vehicle tracking
Internet-based for easy access

Using the Quartix business vehicle tracking system you can track your vehicles in real-time, anytime, using any internet-connected device. There is no need for proprietary software or maps - everything is accessed over the web. The Quartix live vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, and mobile technology to ensure that their positions, routes and logs are constantly updated.

Google Maps, backed by Satellite, Street View and Traffic Integration, is used to pinpoint your vehicles.

The Vehicle Tracking Device  is completely hidden from view following installation, which typically takes just 30-40 minutes. Our vehicle tracker is compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicle systems without modification, includes internal wireless and GPS antennas and is fully compliant with EMC, mobile communication standards and safety legislation.

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Van Lock Upgrade

In response to wide spread, large scale criminal activity. We offer a comprehensive range of physical security devices, offering protection from theft of the cargo, theft of vehicle parts and theft of the vehicle itself.

Crime is a growth sector - so are we its victims. In the light of this, it makes sound economic sense, for owners or operators of commercial vehicles, to take cost effective action to protect the high value assets of vehicles and their pay-loads.

We have both the products and expertise to assist you in accomplishing this.

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Reversing Alarm

Brigade Reversing Alarms

The Brigade bbs-tek® multi-frequency reversing alarms use a wide range of white noise frequencies. This enables the listener to instantly locate where and what direction the sound is coming from. The broadband sound also gives workers wearing hearing protection devices (HPDs) and people with hearing difficulties a better chance of hearing the alarm.

The self adjusting model we recommend continually adjusts to 5-10 decibels above the background noise level.

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Reversing Cameras

At Redline Technology we can offer a wide range of camera solutions to suit all needs.

The OE style replacement mirror monitor is a popular option, alongside  a wide choice of cameras including vehicle specific units which can be fitted as a replacement number plate light or high level rear brake light.

There are many options available so please contact us with your requirements.

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Witness Cameras

Virtus Fleet - Titan 1 and 2 Forward facing Dash Camera

The Titan 1 and 2 are tamper-proof, forward facing black box recorders with a 165° Full HD 1080P lens, 3 axis g-sensor, built in GPS, and can run on 12 and 24 volt vehicles. They can support up to a 128Gb micro SD card where event footage can be saved for an extended period of time. The Titan 2 has the ability to add an extra camera, ie internal or rear facing.

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If you want to stay connected while you're on the road, a hands-free kit is essential to enable you to safely and legally make and receive calls from behind the wheel.


You can get 6 penalty points and a £200 fine if you use a hand-held phone when driving.

You'll also lose your licence if you passed your driving test in the last 2 years.

You can get 3 penalty points if you don't have a full view of the road and traffic ahead or proper control of the vehicle.

You can also be taken to court where you can:

  • be banned from driving or riding
  • get a maximum fine of £1,000 (£2,500 if you’re driving a lorry or bus)

Don't take the risk, PROTECT YOUR LICENCE, don't use your mobile phone whilst driving, install a hands-free kit.

We provide solutions from manufacturers including: Parrot, THB Bury and Fiscon which can be integrated through the original audio system.

We can remove and re-install 3rd party supplied hands free when you change.

Give us call and we will provide you with the options available for your vehicle.

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Power Management

Sterling Inverters

At Redline technology we have found the Sterling Inverter to be a reliable piece of equipment. The Pure sine wave model has been popular with those wishing to charge power tool batteries.

Pure sine wave inverters are ideal for running products such as Chargers, Televisions and computers where Quasi Sinewave inverters cause problems.

We offer a fitting service for these inverters, which includes the use of the correct size/rated cable, fuses and relays to stop any drain on the vehicles battery.

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Cruise Control & Speed Limiter

Quick and easy product to install, operators can set their own speed restriction that cannot be tampered with or overridden by drivers. The system also addresses Duty of Care obligations.


  • Many vehicles burn 25% more fuel at 80mph v 70mph
  • Reduces fuel consumption and CO  emissions
  • Extends engine life - non mechanical interface
  • Helps to support employers' Duty of Care
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